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Operational rating


GU21 5LY

31 October 2021


Energy performance operational rating

The building’s energy performance operational rating is based on its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for the last year.

It is given a score and an operational rating on a scale from A (lowest emissions) to G (highest emissions).

The typical score for a public building is 100. This typical score gives an operational rating of D.

Operational energy efficiency chart This building’s operational energy rating is D with a score of 91.

You can read guidance on DECs and advisory reports for public buildings.

Recommendation report

Guidance on improving the energy performance operational rating of this building can be found in the recommendation report.

This building’s energy use

Main heating fuel
Natural Gas
Building environment
Heating and Natural Ventilation
Total useful floor area
1887 square metres
Asset rating
Not applicable
Energy use Electricity Other fuels
Annual energy use (kWh/m2/year) 50.36 200.50
Typical energy use (kWh/m2/year) 95 107.63
Energy from renewables 24.8% 0%

Previous operational ratings

This tells you how efficiently energy has been used in this building over the last three accounting periods.

November 2020
91 | D

Total carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions

This tells you how much carbon dioxide the building emits. It shows tonnes per year of CO2.

Date Electricity Heating Renewables
November 2020 52 73 17

Administrative information

Assessor’s name
Daniel Smith
Assessor ID
Employer/Trading name
JCML Consultancy Ltd
Employer/Trading address
177 Silverdale Rd, Tunbridge Wells TN4 9HT
Assessor’s declaration
Not related to the occupier.
Assessment software
CLG, ORCalc, v4.0.4
Property reference
Accreditation scheme
Quidos Limited
Accreditation scheme telephone
01225 667 570
Accreditation scheme email
Issue date
3 December 2020
Nominated date
1 November 2020
Valid until
31 October 2021
Summary XML
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