Energy performance certificate (EPC) recommendation report

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Clocktower Studio & Loft Highgate Works Tomtits Lane FOREST ROW RH18 5AT
14 December 2031

Energy rating and EPC

This property’s current energy rating is C.

For more information on the property’s energy performance, see the EPC for this property.


Make these changes to improve the property’s energy efficiency.

Recommended improvements are grouped by the estimated time it would take for the change to pay for itself. The assessor may also make additional recommendations.

Each recommendation is marked as low, medium or high. This shows the potential impact of the change on reducing the property’s carbon emissions.

Changes that pay for themselves within 3 years
Recommendation Potential impact
Consider replacing T8 lamps with retrofit T5 conversion kit. High
Changes that pay for themselves within 3 to 7 years
Recommendation Potential impact
Introduce HF (high frequency) ballasts for fluorescent tubes: Reduced number of fittings required. Low
Changes that pay for themselves in more than 7 years
Recommendation Potential impact
Some walls have uninsulated cavities - introduce cavity wall insulation. Medium
Some solid walls are poorly insulated - introduce or improve internal wall insulation. Medium
Carry out a pressure test, identify and treat identified air leakage. Enter result in EPC calculation. Medium
Consider installing PV. Low

Property and report details

Report issued on
15 December 2021
Total useful floor area
155 square metres
Building environment
Air Conditioning
Calculation tool
G-ISBEM Ltd, G-ISBEM, v24.0, SBEM, v5.6.b.0

Assessor’s details

Assessor’s name
Richard Quantrill
Employer’s name
Richard Quantrill
Employer’s address
13 Marine Drive, Brigton, East Sussex, BN2 7HJ
Assessor ID
Assessor’s declaration
The assessor is not related to the owner of the property.
Accreditation scheme
Elmhurst Energy Systems Ltd

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