Energy performance certificate (EPC)

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Unit 1
Crossways Commercial Park
Clipper Boulevard East

Energy rating


29 November 2031


Property type
B8 Storage or Distribution
Total floor area
22338 square metres

Rules on letting this property

Properties can be let if they have an energy rating from A+ to E.

You can read guidance for landlords on the regulations and exemptions.

Energy efficiency rating for this property

This property’s current energy rating is A+.

Energy efficiency chart This property’s current energy rating is A+ with a score of -12. Net zero CO2

Properties are given a rating from A+ (most efficient) to G (least efficient).

Properties are also given a score. The larger the number, the more carbon dioxide (CO2) your property is likely to emit.

How this property compares to others

Properties similar to this one could have ratings:

If newly built
21 A
If typical of the existing stock
56 C

Breakdown of this property’s energy performance

Main heating fuel
Natural Gas
Building environment
Air Conditioning
Assessment level
Building emission rate (kgCO2/m2 per year)
Primary energy use (kWh/m2 per year)
What is primary energy use?

Primary energy use is a measure of the energy required for lighting, heating and hot water in a property. The calculation includes:

  • the efficiency of the property’s heating system
  • power station efficiency for electricity
  • the energy used to produce the fuel and deliver it to the property

Contacting the assessor and accreditation scheme

This EPC was created by a qualified energy assessor.

If you are unhappy about your property’s energy assessment or certificate, you can complain to the assessor directly.

If you are still unhappy after contacting the assessor, you should contact the assessor’s accreditation scheme.

Accreditation schemes are appointed by the government to ensure that assessors are qualified to carry out EPC assessments.

Assessor contact details

Assessor’s name
Max Stephenson
01134 931 280

Accreditation scheme contact details

Accreditation scheme
CIBSE Certification Limited
Assessor ID
020 8772 3649

Assessment details

Yonder Limited
Employer address
Third Floor, Concordia Works, 30 Sovereign Street, Leeds, LS1 4BA
Assessor’s declaration
The assessor is not related to the owner of the property.
Date of assessment
23 November 2021
Date of certificate
30 November 2021

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