Energy performance certificate (EPC)

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Warning A new certificate has replaced this one. See the new certificate.

Energy rating


25a Worcester Street
DY10 1ED

8 January 2023


Property type
A1/A2 Retail and Financial/Professional services
Total floor area
35 square metres

Rules on letting this property

WarningYou may not be able to let this property.

This property has an energy rating of G. The landlord cannot grant a tenancy to new or existing tenants, unless an exemption has been registered.

From 1 April 2023, landlords will not be allowed to continue letting a non-domestic property on an existing lease if that property has an energy rating of F or G.

You can read guidance for landlords on the regulations and exemptions.

Properties can be let if they have an energy rating from A+ to E. The recommendation report sets out changes you can make to improve the property’s rating.

Energy efficiency rating for this property

This property’s current energy rating is G.

Energy efficiency chart This property’s current energy rating is G with a score of 177. Net zero CO2

Properties are given a rating from A+ (most efficient) to G (least efficient).

Properties are also given a score. The larger the number, the more carbon dioxide (CO2) your property is likely to emit.

How this property compares to others

Properties similar to this one could have ratings:

If newly built
35 | B
If typical of the existing stock
92 | D

Breakdown of this property’s energy performance

Main heating fuel
Grid Supplied Electricity
Building environment
Heating and Natural Ventilation
Assessment level
Building emission rate (kgCO2/m2 per year)

Recommendation report

Guidance on improving the energy performance of this property can be found in the recommendation report.

Contacting the assessor and accreditation scheme

This EPC was created by a qualified energy assessor.

If you are unhappy about your property’s energy assessment or certificate, you can complain to the assessor directly.

If you are still unhappy after contacting the assessor, you should contact the assessor’s accreditation scheme.

Accreditation schemes are appointed by the government to ensure that assessors are qualified to carry out EPC assessments.

Assessor contact details

Assessor’s name
David Thursfield
0121 4295188

Accreditation scheme contact details

Accreditation scheme
Elmhurst Energy Systems Ltd
Assessor ID
01455 883 250

Assessment details

NRG Matters
Employer address
16 Lightwoods Hill, Bearwood, Smethwick, West Midlands, B67 5EA
Assessor’s declaration
The assessor is not related to the owner of the property.
Date of assessment
14 December 2012
Date of certificate
9 January 2013

Other certificates for this property

If you are aware of previous certificates for this property and they are not listed here, please contact us at or call our helpdesk on 020 3829 0748 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).

Certificate number
Valid until
7 January 2030