Air conditioning inspection certificate

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Unite Students - Bridgewater Heights 1 Great Marlborough Street MANCHESTER M1 5NR
26 September 2026

Assessment details

Inspection date
27 September 2021
Inspection level
Level 4
Assessment software
Sterling Accreditation, Sterling e-Volve, v1.2
Assessor’s declaration
Not related to the owner/occupier or person who has technical control of the system or subcontractor.
F-Gas compliant date
27 September 2021
Total effective rated output
702 kW
System sampling
Treated floor area
11100 square metres
Subsystems metered
Total estimated refrigerant charge
333 kg

Inspection report

For the assessor’s recommendations, see the inspection report.

Subsystems inspected

Subsystem ID Description Refrigerant type Age of main components
VOL001/SYS001 Bedrooms and Common Areas 1 Climaveneta Air Cooled Chiller System Serving Bedrooms and Common Areas R134a 2012
VOL001/SYS002 20th Floor Plant Room 1 Toshiba Single Split System Serving 20th Floor Plant Room R410A 2012
VOL001/SYS003 11th Floor Plant Room 1 Toshiba Single Split System Serving 11th Floor Plant Room R410A 2012
VOL001/SYS004 Coms Room 1 Toshiba Single Split System Serving Coms Room R410A 2012

Assessor’s details

Assessor’s name
James Corner
Assessor ID
Employer/Trading name
Employer/Trading address
The Shard, Level 12, 32 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9SG
Accreditation scheme
Sterling Accreditation Ltd
Accreditation scheme telephone
0161 727 4303
Accreditation scheme email

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